New Winnings For I.R.Iran Badminton Federation

Dr karbasian general of iran badminton federation celebrated for BWF top managing groap and he continue his job as asistantfor general  of Asian badminton federation.

  This news and other comming events reports from some emprovements and developments that are happenings in iran badminton. iran has one of best badminton leagues in west asia some foreigner players from pakistan indonesia and malaya playes in iran badminton league and rich companies that invests in this league one of this investores is south pars sepecial region that decide to have a teame in thease leage.

the other reports from the increasing nomber of amator badminton players and amator badminton matches and tournements.

also nomber of badminton learning bookes and VCDs increased in last year .

some athletes try to promotes this sport by internet and about 400% increasing in persian badminton pages in 1385 iranian year reports from this atemot .

some of national famouse players has also the pages about badminton so they have more visitor that www.badmintoniran, but many of visitors admitted that this site is very expertize than other sites. 

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